Another year passed ever so slowly…and the yellow esperanzas echo the passage of time with full bloom. The esperanza bush is a tree now, caressing the tall young oak, as if reaching together for the blue skies. Esperanza, hope; my heart hopes for so much as we near the end of this year. Will the lovely blooms live through the winter? Will they finally reach the clouds that tease their fragrance? Will I be celebrating my first book? I hope so!
What are you hoping for? Journal about your hopes as we enter the seasons of Fall/Winter.

Let’s Cook up Creativity!

Tools:  A favorite recipe, Kitchen utensils, e.g., rolling pin, measuring cup, favorite bowl,  favorite kitchen towel/linen…a kitchen decorative object, i.e., salt shaker, picture.

“What is cooking in your kitchen?”  Describe the kitchen aromas, sights and sounds that you remember coming from a kitchen, i.e., from a special event, childhood or anytime today.


Topple Writer’s Block

With Music….

Chase Writer’s Block out the door!

Play a calming seaside melody,

Listen to a spiritual hymn,


Turn on your favorite rock & roll,

Strum on your guitar,

Tap a keyboard tune.

Open the windows wide,

Let sunshine highlight your



5 thoughts on “Writers’ Tools

  1. Hi Comadre, being somewhat new to blogs I had trouble at first finding your post. But I did find it! And I really liked it. I could follow you around as you walked in the mercado and into Mi Terra. Thank you. Dolores

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting. Come back and browse when you have a chance.
    Any ideas for unlocking writer’s block or other writing tools?
    Suggestions from my favorite writers are always welcome!

  3. One way to overcome writer’s block is to write about the many good and perhaps not so good memories of growing up. when we write about non-fiction and we are one of the “players” in this comedy or drama, especially from “growing up in a family”….your memory will expand (and sometimes elaborate somewhat), and your fingers will dance a quick eight finger exercise….You will be tap-dancing all over that computer keyboard…sometimes your fingers cannot keep up with your memories…cie la vie….and bonne jour…luv, jackie

    1. Hello, Jackie!
      What a musical image! I love your words: ‘sometimes your fingers cannot keep up with your memories…’and of course, your flair for language! French always a bit of class.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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