Saturday, August 22, 2015

Valle de Lagrimas/Valley of Tears by Paul Pineda.

We enjoyed Paul Pineda’s Book Signing today and hearing him read his poetry.  Resonated with  some of our own experiences, growing up within the culture.  Many similarities to  growing up in various cultures:  work ethic, etc.


Glad we went!


Anticipation of silky white,

A gift of manna to my Texas soul.

Now entering my kitchen,

Sacred, lit and smelling sweet,

Memories embrace me

Of Mamí and robust pots

Simmering on her stove.

Winter’s destination is her table,

Where countless stories are retold.

And Caldo is served.


This is Caldo weather.

Warming the Taste bud as it encounters

El primer bocado, the first spoonful,

¡Que rico!   a tangy danza with

Papas, carrots, Carne, corn,

Repollo, y lots more.

Accompanied by a timely squeeze of citrus flavor, to cut the grease,

For who can eat this tasty concoction without

Lemons and cilantro

Hot corn tortillas, hand-rolled.

5:35 p.m.

Something cool is coming down.

No, I’m not Dreaming,

Cool breath of tiny slivers soothes me.

Can anything be more welcome,

Than these early messengers of San Antonio snow.

And the hot aroma of caldo beckoning in my kitchen,

        tempting palate,

 To savor it once more.


Just hope I’m not sleeping,

When the Event unfolds.



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