Listen!  Someone’s Crying! –Mary Olivia Patiño


 “We know that all creation is groaning in labor pains even until now…”

–Romans 8:22

Creation groans in pain

Crying out  to a jaded humanity


Keeps right on playing

Polluting her lakes

Burning her forests

Killing her cubs

Contaminating her air

Blocking her fertility.

Listen! Someone’s Crying!


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An Intricate Orange Blossum

Above photo submitted by Sandra Garcia, celebrated artist and author.

Nature photography is one of my favorite hobbies.  I  find inspiration in creation and have found it sparks the writer’s fire within me.  You are welcome to submit a photo that you took with a brief description, i.e., title, place taken, why it caught your attention.

Some of these photos were inspired by my sister, Rosemary, when she stayed with me for a few months.  She brought hundreds of plants, including unique specimens which were quite beautiful!  Her trip to Hawaii a few years back introduced her to the beautifully and diversely scented plumeria.  She works diligently with her plants, just like our Mother does, and brings forth healthy life.  Some of the container plants are mine.  It’s a good mix, I think.

Plumeria…a tropical plant does well in San Antonio. My sister Rosemary introduced me to these fragrant flowers, with scents of pineapple, apple or vanilla.
The gardenia teases our senses with its fragrance.

The bougainvillia below and in slide show is from my Mother’s garden.  She nurtured it into a beautiful tree.  Last year, this wonderful gift of nature inspired me to compose a Mother’s Day poem for her.

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