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Real Women Write:  Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Lives.

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Story Circle.org:   Join a nationally acclaimed on-line network for women writers.   Go to :  http://storycircle.org




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5 thoughts on “Story Circle Network

  1. Joining SCN a year ago is one of the most rewarding steps for me as a writer. Since then, I have benefited from their vast resources and met other SCN members.

    Two experiences stand out for me: forming a group of writers in San Antonio and seeing my work in print in the December Story Circle Journal.

    At our writers’ group at the SoL Center at University Presbyterian Church I formed new relationships with SCN members and other participants.

    We look forward to seeing the fruit of our work in print this month.

    Without the support of SCN membership, I would not have accomplished the above.

  2. Plans for starting a Story Circle in San Antonio in 2010!

    Please contact us if you are interested in forming a small writing group. We will affiliate with the Story Circle Network.

    1. Story Circle resumes on September 8. We will review the purpose and nature of our group as we plan for a new Fall Adventure! We just might take pen in hand and exercise our memories as we shape our creative thoughts.
      Contact us for more information.

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