Mary Olivia Cahue Tena Perez Patiño

I am a Latina, born in La Villa, Texas, of  parents who earned their livelihood as migrant workers.  Mis abuelitos, the Cahues and Tenas, came from the Mexican state of Michoacan.  One day, I will visit the homeland of mis antepasados, perhaps walk among their resting places and meet those that share our name.   The few memories that I have of them are mostly retrieved from the memories of my mother.

My fondest childhood memories are rooted in the ranchito near Falfurrias where we lived with mis abuelitos, tios and tias.  Mis hermanitas were my closest ties, like petals from the same periwinkle.  Anyone looking for us would find us together, three little sisters,  wandering in the woods picking up cascabeles de las víboras or looking for anything that moved.  It was a fascinating time, an innocent childhood in the midst of nature’s gift.

Growing up later in San Antonio, we lived in several vecindades as we moved often.  Perhaps mother looked for work or a safer place to live.  Yet, the roots extended from the Texas Valley to life in each neighborhood, forming a special lifetime of experiences and more memories.

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 Life’s moments and memories are ‘seeds’ for our stories.  As writers, we nurture our memories until they are ready to be ‘harvested’ and shared.

Below is a ‘memory’ of  Alexandria,  a gentle four-legged friend.  I thought that I chose her from the litter, but, looking back, ‘she’ selected me.

Life with Alexandria


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  Alexandria’s beauty reveals itself early in her life.
Photos hold special memories. "I'm posing as stilll as can be...but, are we done yet?" ... "Okay, one more shot.""Bliss is being held high in Mary's arms, on a sunny day, or any day for that matter!"Puppy Alexandria is ready to explore."One step-at-a-time.""Don't stop." Alexandria feels her touch. "Is she going to tickle me?"
"Don't stop." Alexandria feels her touch. "Is she going to tickle me?"

“Bliss is being held high, in Mary’s arms, on a sunny day, or any day for that matter!” 
A few years later…….
“Let’s take a break.”…  ” Alexandria’s regal nose casts a shadow as she naps after a hard day’s work.”
Alexandria is grown-up and thinking about how to share her story.

“I’m quite a Lady now!  Too big to be carried but always in Mary’s heart.”

….And a few more years later…


If Alexandria could speak right about now, she’d say, “I’ve enjoyed life!”  “I’ve been a great and faithful friend!”

Green, symbol of life and hope, surrounds this 'impromptu' sketch.“Peaceful joy is being by Mary’s side.”  Alexandria follows Mary everywhere she goes.  This impromptu sketch was done during Alexandria’s last moments.  Green surrounds the charcoal sketch, a symbol of a vibrant life.  The gentle qualities of a sheltie reveal themselves in a portrait of tenderness, hope, laughter, playfulness, and a journey of faithfulness.


4 thoughts on “Creative Writing ………About the Author of WritingPatino

  1. Reading the ancestral memories of African Americans which Henry Louis Gates, Jr. retrieves across the pages of “In Search of Our Roots,”(his book) spurred me on to look again at mine once more. Truth be told, I am never too far in my imagination from my early memories. The challenge is to encounter the mostly forgotten or never-known memories from my own ancestors, the Tarascan/Purepecha from near Huandacareo.

  2. Hello, ‘Tía B’ -glad to have you visit here. I love this blog and the creativity and visibility it allows for writers.
    Stay in touch and be sure to share your recommendations.
    Congratulations on your Ph.D.!

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