Creative Writing Opportunities

“Telling Our Stories”

Would you like to bring a Writing Workshop  or ‘Day of Renewal’ to your favorite setting?

Telling our stories helps us to reframe our experiences and bring life to our memories.  We benefit from writing in a safe environment which promotes reading and writing skills as well as ‘catching’ that elusive memory and seeing it in print.  As we see our unique stories given life, we are never the same again.  Our creative spirit takes flight!

My experience has a strong foundation in various settings:  i.e., as a presenter and retreat director in spiritual and in secular settings;  as instructor in a university classroom;  and with  ‘creative writing’  groups.   My ‘niche’ is telling our stories and I am comfortable with diverse groups, as well as English-speaking or Spanish-speaking audiences.

Whether in a workshop or writing group, we reflect and tell our stories and grow in the experience.

Tell us about your organization’s needs.  Whether an hour-long session or longer, we will work together to encourage the writer’s spirit.



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