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Writing is one of the most rewarding experiences for self-knowledge.  Writing down one’s inspirations, in various genres, gives us a way to share our thoughts, fantasies, memories, special moments, things we’ve learned and experiences that have shaped us.  One of my nephews asked if I was the family historian and I had to say, “I am trying to be, but haven’t stayed with it.”  Which means that I started, but it is incomplete, to  collect information about our antepasados, i.e., our ancestors or grandparents and greatgrandparents.  Mother can’t recall all of their names because she says the family did not talk too much about people’s last names, etc.

The family genealogy fascinates me but is almost unavailable because our roots were never written down on paper.   I’d like to leave a little bit of  family history and a little bit of myself for my family and friends.  So I write!