Moments of Grace welcomes the New Year: 2015!

Writing With Angels:

Today, our writing prompt, “The Sound of Faith” brought forth beautiful stories from the writers’ lived experiences as well as their lively imagination.

Here’s my contribution: (still a work in progress)

Silent Branch

The sound of faith echoes from the oak’s branch.

From my window, I hear its somber call.

I feel its strength, nurtured by years of spring sun

Greyed by winter storms.

Quietly, eternally, birthing emerald leaves into a vast blue sea.

Now, it waits in harmony with all Creation,

Listening for the Spirit’s breath

bringing urgent prayers of a family gathered

somewhere down the road, in another home,

around their dying son.

Like a foreign hymn,

to those who laugh and play outside

immersed in their own daily gaiety,

Free from grief and pain.

Silent branch

Strong, nurtured by sun and formed by stormy seas,

Your strength, rooted in faith,

Offers rest to tired wounded souls

Your carved leaves gently curl

brushing away all wrongs, all hurts…

While leaving a novena of memories in hope-filled breasts.

Tears hasten upwards from your very roots,

Murmuring a song of comfort.

No longer silent

I hear your weeping,

I feel your giving,

O blessed, healing tree.

Note:  Writing With Angels is a venue to pray, journal, reflect, write, create and recreate.

Year 2014 010 Olivia getting ready for session


My mind moves my pen as I write, while thoughts of “acceptance” for what this year brings veil my inspiration.


Creative Writing Opportunities

“Telling Our Stories”

Would you like to bring a Writing Workshop  or ‘Day of Renewal’ to your favorite setting?

Telling our stories helps us to reframe our experiences and bring life to our memories.  We benefit from writing in a safe environment which promotes reading and writing skills as well as ‘catching’ that elusive memory and seeing it in print.  As we see our unique stories given life, we are never the same again.  Our creative spirit takes flight!

My experience has a strong foundation in various settings:  i.e., as a presenter and retreat director in spiritual and in secular settings;  as instructor in a university classroom;  and with  ‘creative writing’  groups.   My ‘niche’ is telling our stories and I am comfortable with diverse groups, as well as English-speaking or Spanish-speaking audiences.

Whether in a workshop or writing group, we reflect and tell our stories and grow in the experience.

Tell us about your organization’s needs.  Whether an hour-long session or longer, we will work together to encourage the writer’s spirit.


Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

Writing is one of the most rewarding experiences for self-knowledge.  Writing down one’s inspirations, in various genres, gives us a way to share our thoughts, fantasies, memories, special moments, things we’ve learned and experiences that have shaped us.  One of my nephews asked if I was the family historian and I had to say, “I am trying to be, but haven’t stayed with it.”  Which means that I started, but it is incomplete, to  collect information about our antepasados, i.e., our ancestors or grandparents and greatgrandparents.  Mother can’t recall all of their names because she says the family did not talk too much about people’s last names, etc.

The family genealogy fascinates me but is almost unavailable because our roots were never written down on paper.   I’d like to leave a little bit of  family history and a little bit of myself for my family and friends.  So I write!